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June 06, 2015

Intrinsic Value

Human beings are searching for their purpose and the value of their existence. On Today's Thought Ravi Zacharias describes how the Christian worldview provides the foundation and explains who it is that determines the worth of an individual.

Whose Image Is on You?

Jesus Christ answered this question with an analogy to money and the image imprinted upon it. Ravi Zacharias makes a correlation to Jesus' explanation with his question, "Whose image is on you?"

Building a Future on Christian Ethics

China after four decades of dismissing God's existence came to realize the need for moral and ethical guidelines for their culture. Where are they turning to find these ethics? Listen to today's program as Ravi Zacharias describes his experiences with Chinese and Iranian leaders behind...

Privatization, Secularization and Pluralism

On today's program Ravi Zacharias, in a short synopsis, describes the means and the ends of the three cultural dynamics of secularism, pluralism and privatization.

Pluralism and Secularism

Pluralism leads to skepticism and secularism leads to hedonism. In today's Just A Thought Ravi Zacharias unpacks these two statements and describes how these worldviews progress toward those ends.

Functional Anti-theism

On today's Just A Thought Ravi Zacharias describes the current prevalent attitude of contemporary society toward people of the religious community.

An Inversion of Language and Attitude

Describing the process of secularization in the West, Ravi Zacharias explains how communication of even secular ideas in the past often required a person to borrow religious language to fully explain it, now the opposite is true.

Faith Arguments Are Limited

Apologists are equipped to answer the tough questions that people have about the Christian faith, however that isn't enough. Listen to today's program as Ravi Zacharias describes the other half of the task.

Touching the Soul

Ravi Zacharias describes the millions of people that are homeless and destitute around the world and asks the question: Where is the Church? Helping people where it hurts is a way to touch their soul.

Embodiment of the Truth

Ravi Zacharias challenges Christians to live out their faith especially when it comes to serving those in dire straits. He speaks from the experience of serving others of a different faith and how it opens the door to speak about Christ.

Marginalized People

Ravi Zacharias has traveled the globe speaking to people groups in various countries. Today on Just A Thought he has some advice for the church on how to live out their faith in a way that has the greatest impact with people of various cultures.

Transcendent Moorings

In the process of cultural evolution the East and West have gone in different directions when it comes to the integration of faith and culture. Ravi Zacharias describes the process and the contrasts between the two worldviews on today's Thought.

Gazing Upward Not Inward

Eastern Religions have co-opted many practices of Christians spirituality through out the ages and attempted to represent them as exclusive. On today's Just A Thought Ravi Zacharias describes this exclusivity reminding Christians of their heritage while pointing out the differences between the...


Ravi Zacharias coined the word "weastern" in his attempt to explain how the concepts of Eastern and Western religions are being merged into a worldview. Listen to today's Thought as he explains what this worldview looks like.

Tired of The Same Old Thing

The first visit of the Dalai Lama to the United States was in 1979 and at that time there was an intense interest in eastern religions. Today on Just A Thought Ravi Zacharias explains why there was such an interest and that it wasn't just the West interested in another culture's religions.

Jesus Can Change Your Life

For over 2000 years Jesus Christ has been ridiculed and maligned by writers, philosophers and critics and yet, He still remains the one person who can radically change a life.

Restless Men Intoxicated by Freedom

Although with modern technology, medicine and education man today is so much freer than in past history, but what is result of all this freedom? On today's program Ravi Zacharias gives God's perspective about the modern restless man with so much free time on his hands.

The Evolutionists Religion

Many evolutionists write off the origin theory of Intelligent Design claiming that it was fabricated to fit Christian beliefs. However, on today's Thought, Ravi Zacharias describes how a scientist counters this dismissal with the revelation that many evolutionists hold similar religious...

Truth and the Unheard Answer

Pontius Pilate while questioning Jesus Christ after he was brought to him by the Pharisees asked the question: What is Truth? However he never waited for Jesus answer and on today's Thought Ravi Zacharias describes why he and others like him don't want to hear what the truth is.

The Gift of Music Transcends Words

Ravi Zacharias describes how Christian music is a powerful way to communicate God's truth and unites believers. Ravi goes on to relate how the worship of two strangers for the same God created a bridge through music to communicate even though neither spoke the other's language.

God Is His Own Interpreter

Ravi Zacharias tells the story of William Cowper who spent much time in an insane asylum but came to know the touch of God and went on to write hymns, books and poetry.

A Divine Visitation

George Frideric Handel who composed his seminal work "Messiah" declared that he felt that he had a divine visitation while composing it. Today on Just A Thought Ravi Zacharias explores the concept of divine inspiration in the creative arts.

Contradicting Our Perception of Reality

When Jesus met the two men on the road to Emmaus they at first perceived that he was uninformed about the recent happenings in Israel, specifically the death and crucifixion of Jesus. When He finished talking they realized that they were the ones who were ignorant of what had transpired and it was...

No Prophetic Voice

In the Old Testament, the kings of Israel and Judah had prophets to help them determine the message of God and to hold them accountable. In today's Thought Ravi Zacharias warns about leaders that do not have spiritual guidance in their life.

Humor Has a Connection to Reality

Listen to today's Thought as Ravi Zacharias tells a humorous story about determining the future profession of a child.