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June 06, 2015

The Challenge of Evangelism

Ravi Zacharias describes the glimpse of glory that the apostles Peter, James and John saw when they followed Jesus to the top of a mountain, they saw his body transfigured with a heavenly glow as well as seeing Elijah and Moses. It is from these spiritual glimpses of God's glory that Ravi...

Only One Voice: God's

Critics of C.S. Lewis day claimed that when he was praying they could only hear one voice and since there was no one responding then he was just imagining that there is a God listening. Ravi Zacharias describes Lewis's response to those skeptics on today's program.

Preoccupied with Programs

The church has struggled with teaching Christians how to share their faith with others. On today's Thought Ravi Zacharias points out how the church has failed in this area and proceeds to describes a better way to teach believers how to evangelize.

The Shadow of Death

In an attempt to explain the death of her mother to his young daughter her father found an image that communicated the love of God even during this time of great loss. Listen to today's program as Ravi Zacharias narrates this story and the profound truth contained in this man's illustration.

Grace Giver

Annie Johnston Flint was a famous hymn writer and her hymns of praise to God are born out of a life of pain. Listen to today's Thought as Ravi Zacharias recites some of the lines of one of her hymns as she describes the goodness of God.

Seeing Yourself As Who You Are

Genesis chapter 32 verses 22-28 describe how Jacob wrestles with God and demands a blessing from Him. On today's Thought Ravi Zacharias describes God's requirement of Jacob before He will grant the blessing.

Selfhood Lost

On today's Just A Thought Ravi Zacharias describes the loss of identity when the perspective on our sinful nature is distorted. In this day of videographic immersion and visual panopoly, it takes wisdom informed by our conscience in order to avoid being swept up by our baser instincts.

A Moral Universe Founded on Spiritual Reality

Using Joseph's refusal of Potiphar's wife's advances as an example, Ravi Zacharias explains that we live in a moral universe with rules and parameters. When that moral law is broken there are devastating consequences and refusing to acknowledge the existence of a moral law does not...

The Original Absolute is Lost

When dealing with different faiths where so called original absolutes regarding the faith can be overwritten by later revelation it precludes a philosophical argument. Ravi Zacharias describes this concept on today's Thought.

The Impossible Challenges of Islam

Ravi Zacharias describes the challenges that have been presented to him by members of the Islamic faith in attempting to prove that Islam is true.isl

A Disappointed Job

In the book of Job, God didn't just answer Job's questions in a propositional way, but in an experiential way. Find out how this was much more meaningful on today's Thought.

Created Equal with Inalienable Rights

The founding document of the United States begins with a statement which declares that human beings are created equal and have certain inalienable rights not to be limited by the government. Ravi Zacharias points to the basis for this idea and from what religious framework that this was formed on...

The Shortest Route is Not Always the Best Route

God used the experience of the wandering of the Israelites for 40 years in the desert to teach them three life principles. Listen to today's Thought as Ravi Zacharias explains what those three principles were.

Problems and Mysteries

"The problem of evil is not one that you have to solve, it is one that you have to resolve." Listen to today's Thought as Ravi Zacharias explains his statement.

Two Approaches of Inspiration

Ravi Zacharias describes the method of how Jesus Christ approaches each person and contrasts it with a human approach of coercion and control.

The Uniqueness of Jesus Christ

What makes Jesus Christ unique? Find out on today's Thought as Ravi Zacharias explains the centrality of Jesus Christ in the search for truth.

The Trust of God

Ravi Zacharias describes visiting his childhood home in India and how he came from such humble beginnings and now speaks to the leaders of nations. He attributes all of this to God's mercy and grace.

The Correction of a Friend

Ravi Zacharias describes the need for accountability in our lives and contrasts that to Solomon in the Old Testament who didn't seem to have anyone to help keep him on the right path.

Who Do You Thank?

Ravi Zacharias describes several airline disasters where the engines failed and the pilot successfully landed the plane. He proceeds to point out how thankful the relatives of those that survived were toward that pilot who saved members of their family. He then recounts one desperate situation...

Diversity of Design

How can you find unity of meaning in the diversity of feelings and desires that make up a human being? Find out on today's Just A Thought as Ravi Zacharias tackles the issue of meaning and fulfillment.

Needing Forgiveness

The Apostle Paul cried out to God to remove what he called a "thorn in the flesh" but God did not answer Paul's prayer by removing this struggle from his life. Instead Paul received a promise from God that enabled him to deal with this issue. What was that promise? Find out today on...

The Origin of Evil

Ravi Zacharias describes his challenge to eastern religious leaders to explain the origin of evil and that they are unable to give a satisfactory answer. He also asks why is it that when people experience tragedy, those around them often try to point to sin in that person's life as the source...

Sin Struggles

"One of the things that paralyzes me more often than naught is the struggle that I have within my own heart that I am not suitably qualified to minister to a world that has such deep seated problems and deep seated questions." Listen to today's program to find out exactly why Ravi...

The Difference in Religions

Ravi Zacharias gives a brief history of the origins of eastern religion on today's Thought. He then proceeds to list the myriad number of religions and makes a statement regarding the perception of many that all religions are fundamentally the same and only superficially different.

Changing Hearts to Change Society

There are moral issues that need to be addressed in society and the initial response is to attempt to change them via governmental action, however Ravi Zacharias explains that this approach may not be the most effective. Listen to today's Thought as he explains the best way to influence change.