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June 06, 2015

If the Message is in the Medium, How Do We Deal?

Culture is like an organ that pumps a continuous message into our lives. "If the message is wrapped up in the medium, and the medium is the message, how do we deal?" Ravi Zacharias asks.

The Same Language

For the first time in history, the whole world is speaking the same language through a culture of media, only with "cupidity as the motive." Ravi explores this more.

The Ability for Abstract Reasoning

The importance of abstract reasoning is more important than ever. Ravi Zacharias brings a unique view to what this means.

The Temptation of Jesus

Ravi hones in on the Bible story of Satan tempting Jesus in three different ways in the desert.

How Does a Hurting World Heal?

How are we going to change the hurts around the world? Unless we understand the nature of the human heart and the unique answer Christ gives, Ravi says, we will never be able to change it.

Does What You Believe Make Sense?

Does what you believe make sense? Ravi shares a story about a man identifying as a Freudian who takes up a challenge to explore Christianity.

One Essential Ingredient to Find Meaning

Building strong relationships bring us meaning, but the ultimate relationship we can have is with God.

Meaning Comes from Relationship

In that one minute I learned more about the meaning of life than all the books in philosophy I had ever read." Ravi Zacharias shares a powerful story centered around a pivotal moment with his second child, Naomi, when she was just a baby.

God and Miracles

In the world of God, miracles are nominative.

Evil, Suffering, and Purpose

How every worldview must deal with the reality of evil and suffering.

The Moral Argument

There is no life like that of Christ.

Seeing Stars

You can sound sophisticated but still miss the big picture.

On Your Own Turf

When you're booed on your own turf, it can be hard to take.

Islamophobia vs. Christophobia

Quoting a former muslim turned atheist, Ravi Zacharias points to one of the greatest sources of Christian persecution today.

1 Minute 5 Lives

Ravi Zacharias discusses the issue of Christian martyrdom happening at a greater rate than ever before in history.

Problem of the Heart

Rejecting God is more than just an intellectual decision, it takes its toll in several ways. Find out on today's Just a Thought where the biggest impact is felt by a person making this type of decision.

The Ultimate Ethic

Today on Just a Thought Ravi Zacharias points to the ultimate ethic in relating to one another and overcoming arguments to lead someone to Jesus Christ.

Transformation Through Christ

Using a personal illustration of his father's transformation after accepting Jesus Christ as his savior, Ravi Zacharias goes on to explain how and why this is possible.

Four Stages Argument

Today on Just a Thought Ravi Zacharias explains how God's existence can be shown through 4 different stages of understanding.

A Reasoning God

Declaring that God has the plan to put things back to get together vs our way which ends up in destruction. Ravi Zacharias discusses the logic and reasoning that leads us to the message of salvation.

Atheist Doublespeak

Atheists want to throw out miracles since they don't obey the natural law, but when it comes to morals they do the opposite. Ravi Zacharias describes this logic flip flop in today"s Just a Thought.

Pluralism Demands Proof

In a pluralistic environment truth claims about the Scriptures require more than just a simple answer. Listen today as Ravi Zacharias explains how to argue more convincingly.

Defending the Faith

Ravi Zacharias points to Francis Schaeffer as a pioneer in Apologetics with his defense and arguments for the gospel. What can we learn from him?

Exclusive Answer

Is Christianity the only belief system that states it has the exclusive answer for the redemption of mankind? Find out the answer on today's Just a Thought.