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June 06, 2015

Who are You, God?

A reflection from Ravi Zacharias on one audience member's key question at an event at a military academy in Moscow.

The Two Most Common Questions Asked

Ravi Zacharias talks about two popular questions asked at University open forums.

The Gaps in Naturalism

Ravi Zacharias talks about the gaps in naturalism.

Walking Alongside the Skeptic

Ravi Zacharias reflects on a conversation with a non-Christian friend early on in his Christian walk.

The One Word That Captures the Christian Faith

Ravi Zacharias shares the one word that captures the Christian faith.

The Most Meaningful Thing in Your Life

God is not just an idea; He offers a relationship. Ravi Zacharias reflects on the importance of relationship, and God's nearness to us.

Regaining the Power to Reason

Ravi Zacharias reflects on the popularization of what Friedrich Nietzsche called "the death of God."

Why Apologetics?

Ravi Zacharias reflects on the purpose of apologetics and how difficult it has become in the West.

How Do We Regain the Integrity of Worship?

"Worship has become an experience rather than a way of life," Ravi Zacharias suggests. How do we regain the purpose of worship?

Reflecting on Postmodernism

Ravi Zacharias reflects on postmodernism in today's Just A Thought episode.

The Loss of Meaning

There are serious questions confronting the Christian faith, one of which is the loss of meaning. How do we recover this? Hear a reflection from Ravi Zacharias.

Title: What is Secularization?

Ravi Zacharias talks about secularization in the context of apologetics.

3 Levels of Argument

Ravi outlines three levels of argument and which one the church should focus on.

A Challenge to the Church

"The church sometimes runs the danger of going so much after the seeker that they forget about the ones already found," Ravi Zacharias said. How do you balance this, especially when reaching young people?

What Does the Christian Live For?

"Without worship, we shrink," Ravi Zacharias says. Hear more on today's Just A Thought.

The Son

"God sent his son so we could know how to relate to Him," Ravi Zacharias says. Hear more on today's Just A Thought.

Why is Jesus Unique?

Ravi Zacharias talks about what makes Jesus unique and distinctive.

The Scriptures and Voltaire

"It is the Word of God that abides forever," Ravi Zacharias said. "Its truth will triumph in the end."

Christianity and Suffering

What does Christianity have to say about suffering through the ages? What about atheism?

Antitheism, Atheism, and Agnosticism

What are the ramifications of antitheism, atheism, or agnosticism?

The Uniqueness of the Bible

What makes the Bible such a unique book?

Faith Conversations with a Hindu

The late Ravi Zacharias reflects on how to have respectful conversations with those of the Hindu faith.

The Exclusivity of Truth

Is culture using the definition of prejudice correctly? Where does truth fit into our worldview?

Preserving a Judeo-Christian Framework

A reflection on the Judeo-Christian framework.

Hearing from God

Have you ever thought how Satan can use silence against our hearing God's voice? Hear more in this brief reflection.