Bible Principles

October 23, 2019

The Power of Encouragement

Principle 54 – The Power of Encouragement Psalm 57:1-11 We should provide encouragement for one another—especially for those who are lonely and disheartened.Support the show (

Our Eternal Hope

Principle 53 – Our Eternal Hope Psalm 56:1-13 When we face persecution, we should trust God, being assured that evil people may be able to destroy our bodies but never our souls.Support the show (


Principle 52 – Betrayal Psalm 55:1-23 When we are betrayed by someone we have trusted implicitly, we are to follow the example of the Lord Jesus Christ, who prayed for His fickle friends and His worst enemiesSupport the show (

Praying for Protection and Vindication

Principle 51 – Praying for Protection and Vindication Psalm 53:1-6; 54:1-7 We are to seek God’s protection and vindication when we are persecuted and betrayed by godless people. Support the show (

A Wicked Tongue

Principle 50, A Wicked Tongue Psalm 52:1-9 We should always use words to help people, not to hurt them.Support the show (

Authentic Repentance

Principle 49, Authentic Repentance Psalm 51:1-19 When we sin and walk out of God’s will, we are to respond to His loving discipline with a repentant and broken heart. Support the show (

Authentic Worship

Principle 48, Authentic Worship Psalm 50:1-23 As believers, we are to offer ourselves to God in a way that reflects sacrificial worship and living. Support the show (

Treasures in Heaven

Principle 47, Treasures in Heaven Psalm 49:1-20 We must never allow our sense of security in material possessions to keep us from putting our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ in order to inherit eternal salvation.Support the show (

The New Jerusalem

Principle 46, The New Jerusalem Psalm 48: 1-14 We are consistently to rejoice and praise God that we have an everlasting inheritance in God’s eternal city. Support the show (

King of Kings

Principle 45 – King of Kings Psalm 47:1-9 As followers of Jesus Christ, we are to look forward to the day when He will reign over all nations. Support the show (

A Mighty Fortress

Principle 44 – A Mighty Fortress Psalm 46:1-11 When we are engaged in difficult circumstances and struggles, we are to be assured that someday we will dwell safely in a heavenly city that will never be destroyed.Support the show (

The Bride of Christ

Principle 43 – The Bride of Christ Psalm 45:1-17 As those who are identified as the bride of Jesus Christ, we should be preparing ourselves spiritually for the glorious wedding supper of the Lamb.Support the show (

When God Seems Silent

Principle 42 – When God Seems Silent Psalm 44:1-26 We must remember that God is always concerned about us, even when He appears to be silent.Support the show (

Spiritual Depression

Principle 41 – Spiritual Depression Psalm 42:1-11; Psalm 43:1-5If we are depressed primarily due to spiritual reasons, we should share our concerns with God and seek comfort from other brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.Support the show (

Caring for Others

Principle 40, Caring for Others Psalm 41 In view of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for us, we’re to demonstrate sensitivity and a caring spirit towards those who are poor and needy.Support the show (

A Victory Through Christ

Principle 39, a Victory Through Christ Psalm 40 When we’re discouraged and even persecuted, we should patiently trust our Lord to deliver us from difficult circumstances.Support the show (

God’s Kingdom First

Principle 38, God’s Kingdom First Psalm 39 In the light of eternity, we are to use our time, talent and treasures wisely to achieve God’s eternal purposes.Support the show (

Body, Soul and Spirit

Principle 37, Body, Soul and Spirit Psalm 38 When we fail to acknowledge our sins we must be prepared to experience psychological repercussions as well as physical ailments that are caused by intense guilt.Support the show (

Eternal Perspective

Principle 36, Eternal Perspective Psalm 37 When we see wicked people flourishing, we are not to become frustrated and angry, realizing that God will ultimately reward us for our faithfulness, if not on this present earth, then in eternity.Support the show (

Extending God’s Grace

Principle 35, Extending God’s Grace Psalm 36:1-12As those who have been saved by God’s grace, we are to demonstrate concern for those who are lost and held captive by the power of sin.Support the show (